Scott Boras is the agent for some of baseball’s biggest stars, including Cardinal pitcher Rick Ankiel. Boras says that he made an unwritten agreement with the Cardinals to limit Ankiel to 100 pitches per start until he turns 22. He said he spoke to Walt Jocketty after Ankiel threw 120 pitches recently. Jocketty says he’s never spoken to Boras about pitch counts, and there’s no agreement. I don’t know why either side would fib about this, but I have a feeling that Boras is. The Cardinals have already said they want to limit Ankiel’s pitch count somewhat. If Ankiel stays healthy, he’ll become a star, which is good for him AND the Cardinals. By telling everyone that he was part of the decision-making process, Boras makes himself look bigger. If Boras did actually call the Cardinals, then he’s really only doing his job by protecting his client’s interests. And Jocketty would only be doing his by thanking Boras for his concern, and telling him those decisions will be handled by Cardinals management and coaches. If Scott Boras wants to tell the Cardinals how to use their players, he should buy the team. Then he can negotiate Ankiel’s next contract with himself.