As I watched Bob Knight’s big ESPN interview last night, I got exactly what I expected, but not what I was hoping for. I was hoping to see a reticent Knight, admitting that he had done wrong in the past, that some of his explosions were inexcusable, that he welcomed the chance to show he was a better person than that. Instead, I saw the, strong headed, smarter than thou Knight, who is always right, and who still doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about. Knight is in total denial. He suggested repeatedly we compare his record of behavior over the last thirty years to anyone else’s. Everyone, he says, has lost their temper from time to time and done something they regret. Knight is giving us the classic “everybody does it” defense, made famous by President Clinton. I doubt that Knight approves of Clinton’s behavior, yet he’s using his techniques. Yes, everybody loses their temper, but few do it as often or as badly as Bob Knight has. He doesn’t see that. He won’t believe it. And because of that, he’ll cross the line again, and when he does finally get fired, he’ll still believe he’s right.