I don’t usually like to blatantly shill for the local teams, but you really should make every possible effort to see Mark McGwire play. Think about this, would you pay money right now if you could watch Mantle or Mays? Would you pay to watch Frank Robinson, Henry Aaron or Babe Ruth? Of course you would, these are some of the greatest players in baseball history. This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: years from now, people will speak of Mark McGwire the way they speak of Aaron, and Mantle, and Mays. When he is finished playing, he will be, already is becoming, one of baseball’s legends. So watch him. Watch him closely, every chance you get. Burn those memories into your mind. Take your children to see him play. Stop what you’re doing when he’s hitting on TV and watch…. Mark McGwire is making memories right before our very eyes. It’s easy to take what he’s doing for granted in this era of the home run, but McGwire is not like the others. He is something special with a bat in his hands. So don’t take him for granted. Watch him. You’ll be glad you did.