A procedural move made in the Missouri House in late February cast a long shadow over the 2000 legislative session. February 24th. That’s when Democrats used their majority status to cut off debate on the tobacco settlement bill and push through a bill favored by the governor. House Speaker Steve Gaw defends the move even though it angered Republicans and soured the rest of the session. Majority Floor Leader Wayne Crump dismisses talk that his move to shut out Republicans had that much affect on the session. He says it simply gave Republicans a handy excuse to do what they wanted to do this session: nothing. House Republican leader Delbert Scott says Crump might want to talk with Republicans before making such statements. Assistant Republican leader Mike Gibbons says Republicans had been working with Democrats on tobacco legislation until that night. Tobacco legislation died this session. After that Republicans stalled legislation, killed several minor bills and the session staggered to an end Friday.