D-W-B is less likely to be a reason for a traffic stop in Missouri soon. Racial profiling is the official name–the practice of some police officers of stopping minority drivers just because they are minorities. “Driving While Black” is the way some of those minorities describe it. The proposed law forcing police to keep records of the race of the people they stop has been sent to the governor by the state senate. Sponsors say the numbers should tell a department if it is doing racial profiling, intentionally or unintentionally. But Senator Ronnie DePasco of Kansas City says some agencies worry about cost. Senate sponsor Wayne Goode thinks those costs should be minimal. Goode says police already keep extensive records of their traffic stops. Many of them already note the race. He does not think this new law will be a big paperwork problem for police. Governor Carnahan will have to decide if he will sign the bill into law.