The Cardinal pitching staff is apparently so good, they can’t help but throw strikes. Even if they want to miss the strike zone, they just can’t do it. I’m guessing that’s why the Cardinals have lost three games in the last six days by allowing the other team’s superstar to hit a game-winning home run. Ken Griffey did it twice in Cincinnati, and Barry Bonds did it yesterday. Those are three silly losses. One is a fluke, two is a trend, and three is just stupid. I’ll cut Tony LaRussa a little slack because he’s shorthanded in the bullpen. The pitchers that gave up those home runs would never have been facing Griffey and Bonds if lefties Jesse Orosco or Scott Radinsky were healthy. But they’re not, so in the meantime, Tony, put up four fingers and put those guys on first! Early in the game, pitch to these guys, but from the sixth inning on, when the game is on the line, please, make someone else beat you! Yesterday, the Giants walked Mark McGwire three times. The Cardinals didn’t walk Bonds, and he hit two homers and won the game. Maybe the Cardinals will finally learn this lesson.