You were probably hoping the John Rocker saga was over. If you’re like me, you were thinking the media hype had died down, Rocker had learned his lesson, and you wouldn’t have to hear about it anymore. Sorry. The media hype will return, Rocker hasn’t learned a thing, and mark my words, before this baseball season is over, the Rocker story will dominate the news again. When Rocker balked home the winning run a few nights ago, national news organizations ran the story all day, because it was Rocker. Plus, Rocker hasn’t gone to New York yet, and when he does, some idiot will do something stupid and we’ll all be subjected to this mess again. And speaking of idiots, Rocker’s attitude shows he hasn’t learned from his mistake. Rocker’s decided not to talk to the media, which is a great idea, but his reasoning is awful. He blames the media for the whole mess. When he does talk, he is nasty and sarcastic. Rocker still doesn’t know what he did wrong. And that means at some point, he’ll stick his foot in his mouth again, and when he does, we’ll all have to hear about it.