You may not like auto racing, or you may be the Intimidator’s biggest fan, but one thing you have to admit, NASCAR is an American business success story. The France family owns the whole kit and kiboodle, and they capitalize on every single angle. Auto racing takes care of its sponsors better than any other sport, and they don’t hide it. The drivers put on suits covered from head to toe with advertisments, then climb into cars covered from bumper to bumper with more ads. And you have to love the post-race interviews where drivers and crew chiefs defy the odds and fit seven sponsors into one sentence. NASCAR has been marketed brilliantly. And the France family, which started NASCAR from scratch, has kept a firm grip on the empire. And that is why Kansas City and Chicago will be getting Winston Cup races next year, and St. Louis will not. International Speedway Corporation is building the two tracks getting new races. International Speedway Corporation is owned by the Frances. If you control the schedule, it makes sense to put a race at the tracks you own. And that’s why St. Louis could be in for a long wait for the Winston Cup.