The Chiefs will win the Super Bowl next January. All the proof I need came over the weekend during the Chiefs’ mini-camp. New punter Todd Sauerbrun booted several kickoffs into the end-zone, to the delight of Chiefs’ fans who turned out to watch the open practice. This is such big news, that the team’s press release about its mini-camp focused almost entirely on this issue, and head coach Gunther Cunningham was quoted as saying, “God bless Todd Sauerbrun.” I am NOT making this up. This entire episode brings to light a couple of points. First, mini-camps do not deserve media coverage unless somebody breaks a bone or blows out a knee. Secondly, the Chiefs don’t want us to pay attention to their real problems. The Rams did not win the Super Bowl because they were drilling kickoffs into the endzone. They won the Super Bowl because their defense stopped most of the people, most of the time, and because their high powered offense scored almost at will. If the Chiefs want to get our attention, try copying the Rams offense. Besides, the more the Chiefs score, the more we’ll get to see Todd Sauerbrun kick off.