Now would be a good time to learn to throw a knuckleball. If I could get that thing to dance, I know I could help the Royals, because folks, they are in trouble. Last year, the Royals’ bullpen killed their chances for a decent season, but don’t point the finger at the bullpen this year. Yes, the team’s closer is already drawing boos, and the fans are pronouncing his name Ricky Blowtallico, as in blown saves. But other than him, the bullpen has been okay. However, that’s going to change if the Royals don’t get some help from the starting rotation. The starters are giving Kansas City few innings, forcing Tony Muser to wear out his relievers already. And things just got worse with Jose Rosado, who is the ace of this staff by default, going on the disabled list. A starting rotation this bad can’t afford to lose its top guy. Rosado’s on the DL, Suppan has been bad, Witasick and Suzuki have already been sent to the bullpen. The Royals will try their seventh starter tonight when Chris Fussell comes up from Triple A. Meanwhile, I’m working on that knuckler and waiting for the phone to ring.