So many young players are leaving school early to enter the NBA draft. For some of them, it’s sad, because you know they will end up just like Mizzou’s Albert White, who left early to enter last year’s draft. You say you don’t know where White ended up? Exactly. And you won’t know where most of these kids end up either, because it won’t be in the NBA. To be honest though, most of these kids don’t belong in college either. If a kid doesn’t want to go to class, and isn’t worried about his education, then he might as well enter the draft. College basketball should be played by college students, not minor league professionals. Kansas City native JaRon Rush should have stayed at UCLA for another year. If he had gone to class during his suspension last year he wouldn’t have had an eligibility problem. Keyon Dooling probably could use another year of seasoning, but at least he’s keeping his options open. But for most guys who leave, the choice is clear: They don’t want to be in school. So they choose the NBA. Even if the NBA won’t choose them.