The lucrative going-away contracts given to two former University presidents and a prominent basketball coach lead to strong criticism in the state Senate and a move to stop deals like those. The main target is Central Missouri State and the 600-thousand-dollar, three year deal with ex-President Ed Elliott. It’s called a “super sweetheart deal” by Normandy Senator Wayne Goode, who amends a possible law saying universities can’t do that anymore. He’s also critical of severance packages given former University of Missouri basketball coach Norm Stewart and ex-President Dale Nitschke of Southeast Missouri State. But Cape Girardeau Senator Peter Kinder worries the move will hurt the recruiting of high-quality people. The Senate has adopted Goode’s proposal saying compensation, retirement and severence policies must be consistently used throughout classes of employees–that special deals cannot be cut. The bill still has a long ways to go before it can become law.