Quin Snyder has arrived. When Travon Bryant, a McDonald’s all-American from California, signed on the dotted line to play for the Missouri Tigers, Snyder’s first full recruiting class went from acceptable to exceptional. You can be the greatest X’s and O’s coach since James Naismith, but if you want to succeed in college basketball, you’d better get the players, and Snyder just got one. I don’t know if Bryant will be a star. I don’t know if Bryant will play in the NBA. I do know that Kansas and California, two excellent basketball programs, wanted Bryant. And he chose Missouri. He chose to play for Quin Snyder. Certainly part of the reason is that Bryant knows he can come to Columbia and play right away. But the point is, Snyder recruited Bryant, and Bryant is coming. And recruiting is what college basketball is all about. If you don’t believe it, just look at recent headlines. Recruiting is awash with shady characters and dirty money and the reason is very simple. If you want to win college basketball games, you’d better win the recruiting war. By landing Travon Bryant, Quin Snyder has shown us he’s ready for battle.