Political problems within the Missouri House have become political problems for the Missouri Senate…and senators are getting to the point of name-calling. Veteran Senators looking across the Capitol rotunda and watching Republicans and Democrats squabble in the House are finding it hard to just sit and watch…because as adjournment moves closer by the hour, senators are seeing their bills die while the partisan jockeying continues in the House. The Senate is especially incensed that House members have refused to consider minor, non-controversial Senate bills that normally get quick, routine consideration. Florissant Senator John Schneider, a senior member of the legislature, blames speaker Steve Gaw, calling him a “wimp” for lack of leadership. Senate leaders have encouraged senators to stay above the House fray….not to lower themselves to the House level, as some leaders put it.But with each hour’s refusal of the House to seriously consider senate-passed bills, the Senate is finding it harder to stay on the high road.