Frank Robinson, who has taken over the duties of Major League disciplinarian, broke records last week with his suspensions and fines of players and coaches involved in a brawl. The White Sox and Tigers had an ugly rumble, and Robinson did the right thing. Players can’t be allowed to rush the field, kicking and punching in a melee. A few years ago, the NBA instituted suspensions and heavy fines for anyone leaving the bench to fight and, guess what? Nobody leaves the bench anymore. Yesterday, tempers flared again, between Cleveland and Boston, when Pedro Martinez brushed back a Cleveland hitter. The Indians responded by hitting Jose Offerman with a pitch, so Pedro plunked Robby Alomar, and got ejected. It may sound strange, but I have no problem with what Pedro did. It’s why he’s so good. He threw high and tight to a guy who was diving over the plate at outside pitches. That is how the game is played. And later, when he wanted to hit Alomar, he hit him on the rear end, and didn’t throw anywhere near his head. So quit crying Cleveland. You’re supposed to have a little fear at the plate.