Local police agencies that have found ways to keep confiscated proceeds from criminal activities are closer to getting their wings clipped. The present law says proceeds of criminal activity can be confiscated by police, then given to schools. But if a federal agent takes custody of those proceeds, nothing goes to schools and 80 percent goes to the law enforcement agency making the seizure. Senator Harry Wiggins has pushed his bill through the senate saying all seized proceeds will be evaluated by a judge, who will decide if the money goes to the local school district or the state school building fund. He sees no way those proceeds can be funnelled through the federal government and around the state law. Wiggins admits creative ways might be found to circumvent the legislature’s intent with this bill…but he’s ready to close any loopholes somebody tries to exploit. The bill has been sent to the House. Wiggins thinks it has a good chance of getting through there before the May 12th adjournment.