Many years ago, the Boston Red Sox had a phenominal lefthanded pitcher. He mowed down American League hitters, and even helped the Sox reach the World Series. The problem was, the kid could hit, too. So he became a right fielder, and was sold to the Yankees, and hit 715 home runs. Folks we may have another Babe Ruth on our hands. Last night, Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa had his number eight hitter sacrifice with two runners on. He sacrificed with the pitcher coming up next! This isn’t just any pitcher. This is young Babe Ankiel. The young lefty promptly parked the first pitch in the Cardinal bullpen for a three-run homer. It’s the second straight game in which Ankiel has homered. He’s now hitting .500 on the year. It’s time to move him up in the lineup. Bat him fifth. Heck, on days he’s not pitching, let him play right field. He might win the Triple Crown. And the Cy Young award. He could play every day and still pitch… He was doing it just a couple years ago in high school. Just whatever you do, don’t sell him to the Yankees. We don’t need a curse.