Listening to talk radio out of Kansas City yesterday, I heard cries for the Royals to bring up their top young pitchers from the minors and get rid of the veterans who are struggling at the major league level. Jay Witasick and Ricky Bottalico, among others, have been awful for the Royals so far, but bringing up kids is NOT the answer. Everybody wants to win NOW, and the Royals have a lineup that could win. But facts are facts: the Royals don’t have that pitching in their system at the moment. If they did, the pitchers would already be in Kansas City. It does no good to bring up a Double-A hurler to get his brains beat in by major league hitters before he’s ready. That’s how you ruin your top prospects. So the Royals are doing the only thing they can. Trying to survive with veterans, and staying patient. Next year, maybe one or two of those young arms will be ready. Maybe you sign one or two good free agent pitchers. Suddenly, you’re a contender. The Royals have lost nine in a row. Panicking would only make things worse.