In what must be a ground-breaking case, Myron Piggie is charged with defrauding four schools which lost basketball players to suspension because Piggie gave them money. I think it’s great that prosecutors found a way to charge this joker with something. Piggie was making nearly a hundred thousand dollars a year, taking advantage of the talents of young athletes. But while guys like Myron Piggie are disgusting, they are not the sole source of the problems that plague college recruiting. In fact, NOBODY in the recruiting game has completely clean hands. The players know exactly what they’re doing when they take money. The universities make millions off these guys, and then claim high moral ground because they give up thousands in scholarships. The coaches take big money from shoe companies, then look the other way when those same companies fund Piggie. The shoe companies are dirtiest of all. They pump hundreds of thousands of dollars to shady characters like Myron Piggie. You think they don’t know where it ends up? Convicting Myron Piggie won’t clean up college recruiting, but it’s a start, and it sends a message. Here’s hoping this little Piggie goes to jail.