It is rare indeed when the public address announcer costs your team a game. But the Cardinals got some help from Houston’s P.A. guy, and of course hit three home runs, and beat the Astros 10-6. The key moment came in the 7th with the Cardinals trailing 6-3 with the bases loaded. The Cardinals planned to pinch hit with Thomas Howard. The umpire made the switch, but Houston’s pitching coach visited the mound before it was announced. When Howard WAS finally announced, Astros manager Larry Dierker tried to come out to replace pitcher Chris Holt. But umpires ruled that Howard was in the game already during the first visit to the mound, and Holt had to face him. Howard hit Holt’s first pitch for a grand slam to give the Cardinals a 7-6 lead. Edgar Renteria added a three run shot later in the inning, and the Cardinals improved to 7-1 on the season.