I want to expand on my previous whining about Houston’s new baseball stadium. No, “stadium” gives the wrong idea. How about, Houston’s new baseball arena? Or maybe: Houston’s new baseball court? The left field fence is so close, that Jeff Bagwell could hit a wiffle ball for a home run. Unfortunately, Houston is not unique. Balls are sailing out of new parks in Detroit and San Francisco too. In San Fran, Kevin Elster hit THREE home runs in the first game in the new park. No, I didn’t say Barry Bonds, or Gary Sheffield, I said Kevin Elster. He’s a short stop. He retired last year. Now he has a three-homer game. I used to think people that complained that baseball was becoming all about home runs were just Chicken Little’s. Well guess what? The sky is falling. Congratulations to the people in Seattle, who replaced the bandbox Kingdome with a brand new ballpark that actually gives pitchers a chance. I hope the Cardinals will do the same. The Royals and Twins hit 9 home runs Sunday. The Cards and Astros hit eight on Monday. That’s not baseball. It’s home run derby.