After Tiger Woods finished the second round of the Masters at three over par, I heard a sports talk show host say, “Well, Tiger is 24 years old, and clearly isn’t there yet.” What? Isn’t there yet? Where exactly do you want him to be? Hasn’t the guy won like 37 golf tournaments in the last 12 weeks? Didn’t he already win a green jacket with the most dominating performance in Masters history? Isn’t he acknowledged by every other golfer as the best golfer in the world? So where does this guy think Tiger needs to get to, before he’s “there”. I don’t know where “there” is, but I think Tiger’s probably pretty happy right where he is. Because of Tiger’s dominance, people are setting some incredibly high expectations for him. But you can’t win every week. Golf doesn’t work that way. Any one of a hundred guys can have a good weekend, and keep you from winning a tournament. It’s impossible to dominate the sport just because you’re the most talented guy. Which is why what Tiger has done is even more amazing. He has run off an incredible stretch of wins in a sport that just doesn’t allow winning streaks. I’ve got news for you: Tiger is “there”.