Willie McGee will be honored this weekend at Busch Stadium. McGee is proof of just how easy it is be a favorite of Cardinal fans. You don’t have to be the greatest player in team history. You don’t even have to be the best player on the current team. Cardinal fans love Willie McGee because he is a good guy, who always gave them an honest day’s work. Sure, sometimes he would look silly swinging at a ball in the dirt. He occasionally dropped a fly ball in center field. But he never loafed, and he never acted like a jerk. He played hard every single day, and he is a humble and kind person. That’s all it takes. Willie McGee Day was supposed to be Sunday. So many fans wanted in, they had to add Saturday and make it Willie McGee weekend. It wasn’t McGee’s baseball skills that caused fans to give him a standing ovation nearly every time he came to the plate the last few years. And the fans this weekend won’t be saluting Willie McGee the baseball player. They will be saluting Willie McGee the man.