One of the saddest stories in sports is John Daly, a former resident of Jefferson City. Daly has won two majors on the PGA tour, and by everyone’s account, is an incredibly gifted golfer. He is playing in the Masters, but his five-year exemption for winning the British Open expires this year, so he may not be back to Augusta. That’s not the sad part. That’s just sports. What’s sad, is that John Daly is so firmly entrenched in denial. Daly says admitting he is an alcoholic is the worst mistake he’s ever made. Last year, he announced his decision to begin drinking again. Thanks for the heads-up! His decision cost him millions when Calloway dropped its endorsement deal with him. But that’s ok, because Daly now says he has his drinking problem under control. Oh really? Daly recently told “Esquire Magazine” that not drinking made him feel like a ghost. NOT DRINKING MADE HIM FEEL LIKE A GHOST? That’s “under conrol?” The sad part of the story has nothing to do with golf. The sad part of the story is that everyone knows that John Daly has a drinking problem. Everyone but John Daly.