This weekend’s Final Four is a rag-tag bunch, but I like it. Michigan State is the only top seed to survive, joing a fifth seed in Florida and two eights, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Is it me, or is Wisconsin the unlikliest Final Four team you can ever remember? Everyone expects Michigan State to win the title, but I hope they don’t. It’s been such a crazy tournament, and it would only be fitting to end it with an unexpected champion. If Michigan State wins, all those upsets will be forgotten. But if Wisconsin wins… wow! The Spartans have already beaten Wisconsin three times this year, but here’s hope for the Badgers: Four times previously, a team has played in the Final Four against an opponent it swept during the season. In three of those four matchups, the team that lost the regular season meetings, won the Final Four contest. A Wisconsin national championship would give EVERY school hope. Go Badgers.One other note… my stat of the day: In eleven years at the University of Cincinnati, basketball coach Bob Huggins has graduated ten players. Ten. These are not STUDENT-athletes.