A dispute over whether Missouri schools get all the sales tax they deserve resurfaces as the House debates the state budget. A handful of state lawmakers claims a 1983 law designates a penny of the general sales tax go into the School District Trust Fund, but only half a cent actually makes it there. The proposal first surfaced last year. But when State Representative Jon Bennett (R-St. Charles) presses the point; Representative Scott Lakin (D-Kansas City) is unimpressed. Lakin says both Democratic and Republican administrations have reviewed similar complaints and have come to the same conclusion: that the state is abiding by the law. Bennett proposes transferring $37-Million from general revenue to the school trust fund, an amount he insists is far less than the $300-Million owed the fund. Arguments that the state can’t afford the correction don’t sway Bennett either. He says the legislature needs to follow the law no matter how costly that might be. The Bennett proposal lost by a 69-79 vote.