It’s politically correct these days to talk about how great it is that women’s athletics are gaining popularity. NCAA women’s games are available on television, and get more coverage than ever before. And you know what? I’m still not interested. Sorry to offend all the P.C. police out there, but I have no interest. I’ll follow Mizzou, and SMS and Jackie Stiles are tons of fun, but my interest ends as soon as the local schools are out. And clearly, I’m not the only one. The first two rounds of the women’s tournament are played on campus sites, because that’s the only way to draw a crowd. This kills any suspense in the women’s tournament, because the home teams almost ALWAYS advance to the sweet 16, as 13 of the 16 teams did this year. The men’s tournament is thrilling each year because of upsets, and those just don’t happen in the women’s game. And I’m SO tired of being force fed Connecticut and Tennessee, Tennessee and Connecticut… They played twice this year, out of conference, just so ESPN would have games worthy of televising. That tells me the general public just isn’t interested. Sorry, but neither am I.