Keyon Dooling should stay. That is a slightly uninformed stance on my part. I haven’t talked to NBA scouts to determine exactly where Dooling would go in the draft. I certainly don’t pretend to be able to watch a player and determine if he will succeed at the next level. Then again, a lot of NBA teams seem to have trouble with that, too. But I think Dooling would benefit from at least another year at Mizzou. I don’t think that every athlete should stay in college for four years before turning pro. If someone had offered me millions of dollars to be on the radio during my sophomore year, I would have jumped, and you would too. Missouri coach Quin Snyder is helping, trying to find out where Dooling will go in the draft. Snyder and Dooling will then sit down and analyze his situation, and that’s how it should work. Dooling says he’s not in dire financial need at the moment. The highest I’ve seen him projected is the 21st pick. With another year of development, he could go much higher, which means millions of dollars. That’s why, for now, Keyon should stay at Mizzou.