I think NBA coaches should negotiate with the league and agree to wear microphones during games. Their demand should be that in return, the league will drop the rule that prevents them from criticizing officials. Most pro and college leagues have that rule now, that if a coach says anything negative about officials in the post-game, he gets a heavy fine. That’s no fun! Ripping the officials is part of sports. Fans do it every day. Coaches do it on the bench and on the sidelines, and even to the officials’ faces. Why ruin the fun by not letting the fans here the coaches’ rant and rave after a tough loss. The other day, Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman ripped the league for putting two mediocre officials on a game that was televised nationally on ABC. I love it! And I want to hear more of it. I want to hear a coach say that was the worst officiating he’s ever seen. I do have one question. If the NBA coach agrees to wear a mike, and we hear him during the game complaining about a lousy call from a referee, does he have to pay a fine?