Try to forget for the moment that your bracket in the office pool has been blown to bits. Mine has too. Somehow, in spite of that, I’m having more fun watching this NCAA tournament than any I can remember, and it’s because the Sweet 16 is loaded with teams that just aren’t supposed to still be playing. Three six seeds, a seven, two eights and two TENS are still alive. Look carefully at the following list of teams: North Carolina, Tennessee, Miami, Tulsa, LSU, Wisconsin, Purdue and Gonzaga. Two of those teams will reach the Final Four. That’s not a bold prediction, it’s a FACT! If the higher seeds win the rest of the way, the Final Four will be Duke, Michigan State, LSU and Tennessee. LSU AND TENNESSEE! Or perhaps Wisconsin and Miami, or maybe Tulsa and Gonzaga! What in the name of John Wooden is happening here? Parity. The top teams are not as dominant, the bottom teams are better than ever, and it’s fun. Duke and Michigan State will probably meet in the finals to shoot down my parity theory, but in the meantime: GO ZAGS!