CNNSI has graced us with an exlusive report on the evils of Indiana coach Bob Knight. CNNSI’s big coup was breaking the story that Knight once choked player Neil Reed in practice. Give me a break. I’m not Bobby Knight’s biggest fan, but CNNSI is way out of line here. They went looking for a story, and found a disgruntled kid. Keep in mind, Neil Reed was voted off the Indiana team UNANIMOUSLY by his TEAMMATES. Bobby Knight is abusive. It’s no secret. He screams and yells, curses his players, throws things, and yes, even grabs a player to make a point. If you go to Indiana to play basketball, you know this going in. You don’t have to like Knight’s style. I don’t like Knight’s style. But Knight is not the villian here, and really, neither is Neil Reed. The villians here are the people at CNNSI, who combed the country for months looking for someone who would rip Bob Knight. Truth is, if they looked they could find even more players who are completely loyal to Knight. CNNSI hasn’t given us a scoop, they’ve given us media sensationalism at its worst.