Today and tomorrow may just be the best two days of the year. The NCAA tournament is an amazing event, filled with drama, and upsets, and buzzer beaters, and heartbreak, and passion and great stories. And the best part of the tournament is round one. Two days, thirty-two games, all day, all night, basketball. And not just basketball, but the best basketball, college basketball. College basketball with the entire season on the line. Every team is six wins from a chamionship and one loss from going home. That’s why these are the two best days of the year. People who don’t know a thing about basketball, who don’t watch sports at all, fill out their brackets and root for upsets. And the upsets come. What fun! Sure I love Christmas, but it was a lot better when we were little and we had that mound of toys waiting for us. And baseball’s opening day renews me every spring. But it’s hard to beat the next two days of college basketball. Even if my alma mater, Northwestern, hasn’t made the big dance. Ever. If you need me, I’ll be in front of the TV.