Blues GM Larry Pleau did exactly what he should have done at the trade deadline yesterday: nothing. Sure it would be nice to improve your team a little bit for the stretch run and the playoffs, but at what cost? Pleau couldn’t find a trade he liked, so he chose to stand pat. That was a good call, for several reasons. At the moment, the Blues have the best overall record in the league. This is no guarantee of a Stanley Cup, but it IS a pretty good indication that things are going quite well, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also, Pleau has already made his deadline deal, he just did it two months before the deadline, picking up Stephane Richer. But here’s the most important reason: Team chemistry is more important in hockey than in any other sport. One player cannot win a hockey game like they can in baseball or basketball. And right now, the Blues have a happy, healthy locker room. Larry Pleau kept it that way. And that’s the best deal he could have made.