I’ve never been a big fan of Cincinnati coach Bobby Huggins. I don’t care for his demeanor, and I don’t care for the way he runs his program. Every time I hear the man speak, he is rude and disinterested. He recruits thugs, rolls the ball out and lets them play undisciplined basketball, and gets beat before he should every year in the NCAA tournament because of it. None of his players graduate. That said, I feel badly about what happened to Kenyon Martin. Congratulations to the Billikens on their big win, but it’s too bad that they needed Martin’s broken leg to do it. Because in the Huggins regime, Martin is the rose among the thorns. Martin bypassed the NBA to stay in school for his senior year and a shot at the national championship. He is scheduled to earn his degree, on time. And he is the one who takes control when his teammates slip into the usual Cincinnati chaos. Yes, he is the best player in the country. But he also seems to be a good guy. And I wish HE could win a national championship, even while I’m glad Huggins won’t.