I would be shocked if major league baseball actually placed the Cardinals and Cubs in separate divisions. Baseball is planning to restructure next season, and one proposal includes dividing the National League into four divisions with four teams each. The setup actually looks good, with one MAJOR flaw. The Central division would included Houston, Cincinnati, Milwaukee and the CUBS, and the new Southeast Division would contain Atlanta, Florida, Tampa Bay, and the Cardinals. Can someone tell me when St. Louis moved southeast of Cincinnati? Keep the Cards in the Central, and send Cincinnati or Houston to the Southeast. Now the Arizona Diamondbacks are screaming bloody murder about having to switch leagues. Tough. A division title in your second year of existence does not constitute TRADITION. So quit crying, and we’ll see you in the AL West. And the American League looks goofy with three divisions, four teams in the East and West, and SIX, including the Royals, in the Central. Odd, yes, but necessary. Baseball wants an unbalanced schedule, where teams play more often within their own division. A GREAT IDEA, which requires an even number of teams in each division. I say DO IT! But leave the Cardinals and Cubs alone.