The arbitrator who sent John Rocker back to work was right on the money. Don’t get me wrong, Rocker’s Sports Illustrated diatribe was abhorrent and inexcusable. If Rocker is not a bigot, then he is certainly an idiot. But we could have forgotten all about him by know if it wasn’t for baseball commissioner Bud Selig. You see, Selig screwed up by trying to hammer Rocker with a huge punishment. Rocker didn’t commit a crime, he committed ignorance. And as much as people are outraged by his stream of stupidity, he has every right to open his mouth and prove to the world just how empty his head is. Which is really more serious: Rocker disparaging foreigners? Or Darryl Strawberry committing yet ANOTHER drug offense? Rocker the homophobe? or Tamarick Vanover the car thief? Sorry folks, but I’ll take the redneck. Bud Selig handed down a punishment so disproportionate to the crime, that Rocker had NO CHOICE but to appeal, and the aribtrator had NO CHOICE, but to throw it out. A smaller penalty, and Rocker would have accepted it quietly to save face. So if you’re tired of hearing about John Rocker, thank Bud Selig.