April 23, 2014

Is the Mizzou athletic department in a state of turmoil over recent off-field incidents? We discuss next steps for football and men’s basketball (VIDEO)



Columbia police did not make any arrests in this past weekend’s incident that involved Mizzou wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham. One of the witnesses decided against presses charges for fear of backlash. Missouri basketball head coach Frank Haith released Louisville transfer Zach Price from the program just a week after he was arrested twice for suspicion of domestic assault and assault and just a day after a report came out that former player Earnest Ross was on the receiving end of those suspicions.

How have the coaches and the athletic department handled those situations up to this point? How should the DGB suspension be handled moving forward? I’m joined by Will and Matt of Columbia affiliate KTGR as we debate the topic on this Google Hangout.

Fans must have a wait and see approach on DGB before casting an opinion on his future at Mizzou (VIDEO)

Sports Director Bill Pollock, hosts his daily Missourinet Mornings video.

Sports Director Bill Pollock, hosts his daily Missourinet Mornings video.

We haven’t seen the full results of a police investigation into a criminal assault, and possible burglary involving suspended Missouri Tiger football player Dorial Green-Beckham. Until then, we should hold off making opinions.

I think we are quick to make a negative judgment on an athlete when he’s been suspended “indefinitely.”

All that indefinitely means is that all interested parties don’t have all of the facts. This case can go from anywhere to DGB being charged with assault and burglary, which would of course keep the suspension ongoing, or after the due diligence of Columbia Police, find that there is no wrong doing and Green-Beckham is back with team as early as Saturday.

Let’s not jump to conclusions about his future until will hear all the facts.

No doubt, he has to put himself in better positions and surround himself with better people and has to take better steps to assure he stays out of situations that could land him in hot water.  I’m willing to go the “wait and see” route on this one.

Chase Daniel’s apparel company to release a new Mizzou T-shirt. Will be available in time for the Black and Gold Game

Watch the video to see Daniel's design for his new Mizzou T-Shirt

Watch the video to see Daniel’s design for his new Mizzou T-Shirt

Former Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel has produced his first MU-related item of clothing, through his company 10Star Apparel. Daniel has licensed with Mizzou to offer this new t-shirt available in men’s and women’s versions.

“We decided to release these exclusive shirts to kick off the long-term relationship between 10Star and Mizzou with the notion that this will be the first of many Mizzou items that 10Star Apparel can produce. It’s a great opportunity to do something for our company that also benefits a place that I love dearly and owe so much to for my success. It’s a true win-win situation for everyone,” Daniel said.

You can order the shirt through MUTigers.com

Just calling it like I see it. You may not agree, but Matt Adams pulled a Bush League move by shoving fan (VIDEO)

Cincinnati fans react after Matt Adams has a foul ball encounter with the fan on the left.

Cincinnati fans react after Matt Adams has a foul ball encounter with the fan on the left.

Matt Adams can say what he wants, but the video shows it in plain sight. He gave a Reds fan a little shove. It wasn’t anything that was going to injure the fan…his safety and well being was never in jeopardy. Adams made a great hustle play going over the tarp and reaching into the first row to get a foul ball off the bat of Chris Heisey. A Reds’ fan got his glove up higher than Adams and was able to snag the foul ball.  The count moves to 2-1…move on.

After Thursday’s game, Adams said, “I figured he caught it, because I didn’t feel it come into mine. I was just trying to stop from falling in there.”


That’s not what the video shows. Instead, I see Adams pull back his glove and push it into the chest of the fan, knocking him backwards into his seat. I get it, Adams is PO’d. The fan robbed him of a great catch, but the fan had every right. So, if you’re frustrated Adams, slam your glove on the tarp, kick the dirt, whatever…but don’t touch a fan out of frustration. The Reds fan responded by heckling and giving Adams “the Bird…” and I don’t mean Fredbird.

Also, to end on a funny note…if you haven’t seen the pictures, one more reason to laugh at the Cubs…on so many levels.  Check it out below.

Blues looking at the big picture by not starting Miller against his former team, plus the game would have been too emotional for the goalie (VIDEO)

St.Louis Blues goaltender Ryan Miller  will sit out tonight's game against his former teammates from Buffalo. UPI/Rob Cornforth

St.Louis Blues goaltender Ryan Miller will sit out tonight’s game against his former teammates from Buffalo. UPI/Rob Cornforth

From the team’s viewpoint, giving number one goaltender Ryan Miller the night off against the worst team in the league is the right move, because the St. Louis Blues will have big division games coming up this week against Colorado and Chicago.

It would have been fun to see Miller face his former team, where he spent the first 15 years of his career, but on a personal note for Miller, he would have been a mental wreck. Following Wednesday’s practice, Miller looked emotional when talking about meeting up with his former friends.