April 18, 2015

Why the St. Louis Blues have a great chance of winning a playoff series this season (Google Hangout)

The Blackhawks will be without Patrick Kane (88) for 12 weeks UPI/John Boman Jr

The Blackhawks will be without Patrick Kane (88) for 12 weeks UPI/John Boman Jr

The St. Louis Blues are in Winnipeg tonight with a firm handle on 2nd place in the division and if the standings remain the same, they Blues will face the Chicago Blackhawks again in the first round of the playoffs and could finally get past their rivals this postseason.

Nas–89 pts
StL–80 pts
Chi–77 pts
Wpg-73 pts

The Blues got knocked out of the playoffs Chicago in six and a rematch could favor the Blues this year.  Patrick Kane, tied for the NHL lead in points, is out 12 weeks after surgery to repair a broken clavicle and would miss a potential first round playoff series with the Blues.

Since the 2002-2003 season, the St. Louis Blues have won just one playoff series, going 1-6 in their last seven playoff series.  In five of the six seasons the Blues made the playoffs in that time, they were knocked out in the conference quarterfinals.

Watch our Google Hangout as we look ahead to a potential Blues playoff run.

The St. Louis Blues playoff results since 2001-2002

Blues playoffs

How St. Louis fans can play a part in keeping an NFL team in the city. (VIDEO)

A view of the seating arrangements from inside the proposed stadium.

A view of the seating arrangements from inside the proposed stadium.

Rams fans could be getting an NFL survey in the form of an email asking for their thoughts on the proposed new north riverfront stadium plans.  The NFL is sending market surveys to 185,000 local football fans.  How St. Louisans answer could go a long way in determining if Missouri is home to two NFL franchises.

According to Fox 2 St. Louis, the NFL says the emails would be out by Tuesday morning.

Governor Jay Nixon’s stadium development team of Dave Peacock and Bob Blitz are helping on the survey as well and the Rams gave the league its list of season ticket holders as well.

If the surveys come back unfavorable, it could mean the end to the NFL in St. Louis.

As I share thoughts in the video below, I think the Rams are going to L.A.  If the public is not interested in the new stadium plans, all hope can be kissed goodbye of trying to land another NFL franchise.

Why the Mayor of Chicago needs to butt out when it comes to Little League’s decision (VIDEO)

Jackie Robinson West t-shirts are still available to buy on E-bay.  Could be a collector's item some day?

Jackie Robinson West t-shirts are still available to buy on E-bay. Could be a collector’s item some day?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, city Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a last ditch plea to Little League International to allow Jackie Robinson West to retain their national championship.  His idea for a form a punishment is laughable.  He wanted these players to be allowed to keep their title, yet punish potential teams from the JRW territory in the future, (who may have a legitimate chance to compete in the tournament with legitimate players) suffer by not letting them play.

The Mayor had a ten-minute phone conversation with the CEO of Little League.  Stephen Keener is sticking by his decision.

I find it disgusting that politics has crept into this situation.  Rules are rules.  It was determined that JRW organizers and coaches broke those rules.  I completely agree with the CEO’s decision to strip them of their championship.

Is this sad for the kids?  Sure, but there is no way they are to shoulder the blame.  All they did is play the game, however, some number of those kids shouldn’t have been allowed to play.  Tough life lesson to learn, but I hope it makes them better men when they get older.

Instead of lawyers and community activists and angry parents fighting for the right to keep something they don’t deserve, I just wish someone associated with that program would own up to the mistake, apologize to their players and apologize to the players from Philadelphia, South Dakota, Washington State, Rhode Island, Texas, Nashville and Las Vegas for not giving those teams a fair shot at winning a championship.

We make mistakes. We’re humans.  We also know how to forgive, but when those that cheat than treat themselves as the victim, that’s when I lose my patience.

Mauk leads Mizzou on two scoring drives, but Bama on the doorstep to start the fourth

Maty Mauk attempts a pass vs. Alabama

Maty Mauk attempts a pass vs. Alabama

3rd Quarter Recap

Does Maty Mauk have one more half of magic left? It started out well. Mauk took another deep shot down the field go hit Jimmie Hunt at the two yard line. The pass was good for 63 yards. Then, on 4th and 1, he found Bud Sasser on a quick slant to draw to within 21-10.

Mauk did it again. After the Tigers forced a punt, Mauk connected with Hunt again on a long third down completion of 47 yards. The Tigers got a field goal from Andrew Baggett to close the gap to 21-13.

Mauk has thrown for 134 yards in the third.

Don’t expect big changes from Mizzou. There may be a few wrinkles in their game plan, but now is not the time to overhaul the playbook (Google Hangout)

The Missouri Tigers arrive  at the Georgia Dome late Friday afternoon

The Missouri Tigers arrive at the Georgia Dome late Friday afternoon

Good morning, it’s game day from Atlanta and I come to you from the lobby of the media hotel ahead of this afternoon’s kickoff of the SEC Championship game.

The Missouri Tigers arrived Friday afternoon, a hour behind schedule.  They cut their allotted time on the field from 45 minutes to 15.  That’s still a change from last year’s game when they didn’t step onto the field until their pregame warm up.

This is one of those games that leans heavily in favor of Alabama on paper.  Head to head matchups at the majority of positions go to Alabama, but this game is going to be closer than the 14.5 point spread would indicate.  I’d be shocked and disappointed if Mizzou lost this game by more than two touchdowns.

In my video, I’ll offer some closing thoughts, but the general overview is don’t expect widespread change on either side of the ball for Missouri.  Offensively, the Tigers are going to have to try to run the football.  It’s their strength, but it’s also Alabama’s strength.  However, Mizzou can’t become one-dimensional leaning to the passing game.

Defensively, the Tigers will try to pressure Tide quarterback Blake Sims with mostly a four-man rush.  They’ll have their linebackers play good gap coverage and stick to their assignments and keep the secondary in a position to not let Amari Cooper get behind.

Limit penalties, limit turnovers, limit big plays.  If Missouri does that, I feel like they have a chance in this game in the fourth quarter.  Enjoy the video.  Check out more from Google+ and in our special SEC section on this website and follow me for live chats on Twitter @Missourisports