September 2, 2014

Nixon says shutdown threatens jobs, economic confidence

Governor Jay Nixon says a prolonged shutdown of the federal government could put jobs at risk and undermine confidence in the economy.

Governor Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon

He tells reporters in the short-term, state services should be continued and no significant impacts are expected.

“In the longer run, when you have a budget with the amount of federal dollars that we have in it … we’ll be once again meeting with budget folks to go through what the latest is.”

Approximately one-third of the state budget is made up of federal money.

Nixon says the shutdown also underscores the financial position Missouri is in by comparison.

“It puts in great context what we’ve been able to do here in Missouri which is not only balance our budgets, hold the line on spending, keep our AAA credit rating but also reach across the aisle and get agreements, so I’m hopeful as a voice from the heartland here that the folks (in Washington D.C.) will get to the business of getting a deal and taking the uncertainty out of our economy.”

Nixon wants Missourians to know the state is in good shape, but he urges federal lawmakers to resolve the shutdown quickly.

After speaking to reporters, Nixon issued this statement.