February 7, 2016

“Food Nazi” bill goes to House (AUDIO)

The state senate has voted to save us from food Nazis

 Marshfield Senator Mike Cunningham of Marshfield says there are “rogue inspectors,’ as he calls them,  that are shutting down non-profit events or meals served at churches, claiming the food is dangerous because it hasn’t been fixed in an inspected restaurant kitchen.  They’re the people he has dubbed “food Nazis.” 

Cunningham says he went to the state health department to talk about the problem and was told the answer was more regulation, not less.

He says regulators and consumers should approach church events or events sponsored by non-profits with common sense, which he says his bill provides.  His bill is in the House now.

An amendment exempts St. Louis City and County, Jefferson and St. Charles County from its provbisions.

AUDIO: Senate debate 1:16:26