February 14, 2016

Primary election shift draws opposition (AUDIO)

A proposal to make general election campaigns longer has prompted  quick and sometimes loud opposition.     

Senator John Lamping of St. Louis thinks we need more time to decide who to vote for in our November elections. He proposes moving the August primary to late June, making the campaigns for the November general election six weeks longer..  

One opposing senator says he has heard nobody clamoring for six more weeks of mud-slinging.   And oathers loudly charged it shortchanges legislators running for office.

Other opponents say the Lamping plan lets opponents run for four months while legislators are tied up serving in the general assembly, putting them at a disadvantage.  

Opponents have threatened to run out the clock on Lamping’s proposal.  He has pulled it from debatel, promising to make some changes to appease critics, and to bring the bill back later. 

AUDIO: Debate, part 1 41:11

AUDIO: Debate, part 2 36:18