February 12, 2016

Revenue department lawsuit to be reactivated (AUDIO)

The southeast Missouri lawyer who filed a lawsuit against the Revenue Department’s personal data collection efforts is going to try again.  Stoddard County prosecutor Russ Oliver, acting as a private lawyer, had charged the department’s fee office of keeping personal information the office  is not entitled to keep.  A judge refused to grant a full restraining order on the office.

But Oliver says the ongoing legislative investigation has reopened the case for him.

Oliver says revelations coming from a state senate investigation of the practice are providing missing evidence to link the department to the suit.


Oliver is acting as a personal attorney for a Stoddard County man challenging the department’s authority to keep the information. A judge refused to grant an injunction. But Oliver says legislative hearings have indicated the judge didn’t have all the information he needed. And that’s why Oliver is renewing the suit.                                                 -.


He says that information has come out in senate committee hearings on the department’s actions.