February 11, 2016

Petition law overhaul advances in Senate (AUDIO)

An overhaul of Missouri’s petition process is on the verge of approval by the state Senate.

The bill does not tackle some of the big issues—the large amounts of money one person or one group can invest in a petiton campaign or the problem of organizations that seem to drown the Secretary of State’s office in multiple petitions on the same subject. 

Sponsor Scott Rupp of St. Charles says the bill should promote public awareness by requiring a joint legislative committee to hold a public hearing on any petition certified for circulation.

One Senator says Missourians are so out of touch with the petiton process that they would sign their own death certificate  if a petion circulator met them at the front door of a discount store and asked them to sign a form.

Another favorable round of voting sends the bill to the House.

AUDIO: Senate debate 16:00