February 6, 2016

MoDOT urges motorists to prepare for storm, readies crews for removal

The Missouri Department of Transportation is preparing to help Missouri dig out of the second snowstorm in less than a week. MoDOT says it’s transferring equipment and crews to central and northern Missouri … but knows clearing the roads will be difficult in predicted blowing, drifting and whiteout conditions.

snow plowState Maintenance Engineer Beth Wright says accumulating snowfall is predicted for all areas north of U.S. 54, and urges motorists in the western and northern portions of the state to prepare now to alter their work schedules today and tomorrow to avoid getting caught in the storm.

MoDOT is also asking those driving delivery trucks and tractor-trailers to be aware that high winds can make driving even more difficult and dangerous.

Wright says commercial drivers should be prepared to pull off at the nearest exit at the first sign of trouble or low visibility.

Authorities are asking motorists who must get out in the storm to pack food, water, blankets, and a flashlight … drive slowly, carefully, and stay back from plow trucks.

Wright says if you are involved in a crash or slide off the roadway, stay in your vehicle and call for help.

You can check the latest road reports at www.MoDOT.org, or through MoDOT’s free smart-phone app.