February 5, 2016

House Democrat proposal would make Missourians give up ‘assault weapons’

Four urban Democrats in the House are backing a bill that would force Missourians to give up certain firearms.

Representative Rory Ellinger (D-University City)

Representative Rory Ellinger (D-University City)

The proposal sponsored by Representative Rory Ellinger (D-University City) would set into Missouri law a definition of  “assault weapons,” including any semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine, a pistol that holds more than ten rounds in its magazine or a shotgun with a pistol grip. It then requires anyone who owns such a gun in Missouri to get it out of the state, make it permanently non-functional or turn it over to law enforcement.

The bill would make keeping such a gun or making one or a magazine holding more than ten rounds a class “C” felony.

See the proposal, HB 545.