February 6, 2016

Mizzou Nation anxiously awaits Ezekiel Elliott’s decision (VIDEO)

Mizzou fans show their support for Ezekiel Elliott, who made a recent visit to Mizzou.

Fans show their support for Ezekiel Elliott, who made a recent visit to Mizzou.

National signing day for high school student-athletes is Wednesday and Missourinet will be with head coach Gary Pinkel tomorrow afternoon at 4pm to discuss the Tigers incoming class for 2013.

How high Missouri reaches in the national ranking in terms of incoming recruits will depend on John Burroughs running back Ezekiel Elliot. Elliot, who took Burroughs to the Class 3 Show Me Bowl Finals, looked like he was a lock for Ohio State, but a couple of weekends ago, stopped by Mizzou for a Saturday visit. Now his decision will be known tomorrow morning.

His mother and father both attended Missouri and his dad was involved in one of the most infamous plays in Mizzou history. Stacy Elliott, #92, was in on the final play of the famous 5th Down Game against Colorado. Check out a video I found of the recruiting process between Ohio State and Mizzou through Ezekiel’s eyes.  (Watch below)

Elsewhere in the SEC, Alabama will land the nation’s number one inside linebacker, Reuben Foster who lives in Auburn, Ala. and even has an Auburn tattoo.

Brett Bielema, the new head coach at Arkansas plucked the number seven running back in Alex Collins away from Miami, where he committed a couple of months ago. The Hogs also beat out Wisconsin, Florida State and Florida.