February 12, 2016

Death penalty repeal offered (AUDIO)

A proposal to kill the death penalty in Missouri has been filed in the legislature.

St. Louis County Senator Gina Walsh thinks too many innocent people have been executed in the United States. She thinks life in a prison cell is worse punishment than an execution. And she thinks a civilized society doesn’t kill people.

Her bill eliminates the death penalty and re-sentences the 47 men facing execution to life without parole.  Walsh says that if Missouri is going to be a pro-life society, it should apply the standard to everyone.

Missouri has executed 68 people since the death penalty was reactivated but has executed only two men since 2005.  The last execution was almost two years ago.

Only eight people have been put on the state’s execution list since 2005.  More than 30 inmates who once were under a death sentence no longer face execution. Most have been re-sentenced to life without parole. A few have been released from prison.

Another bill in the senate would have the state auditor compare the costs of a life sentence without parole to the costs of the years of litigation before an execution happens.

AUDIO: Walsh interview 3:11