September 2, 2015

Lawyer says Haith “anxiously awaiting” NCAA findings at Miami (AUDIO)

Frank Haith-SEC

Frank Haith

Attorney Michael L. Buckner told the Miami Herald on Thursday that Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith has not received a notice of allegations from the NCAA, (as of Wednesday night), and is quoted as saying Haith, “like everyone else” is awaiting what transpires.

Just months after Haith was hired at Missouri, a story from Yahoo Sports reported that Haith was accused by University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro of having knowledge of a $10,000 payment made to an unnamed family member of Miami basketball recruit DeQuan Jones. Shapiro said Haith later thanked him for it, but former Miami assistant Jake Morton, who originally received the payment from Shapiro (currently an assistant at Western Kentucky), eventually returned the $10,000. Shapiro also claims that he paid for dinners and strip club visits for Haith.

The story in the Herald reports that Bucker says Haith provided the NCAA with thousands of pages of documents at Haith’s personal expense, as the NCAA looks into several allegations or wrong doing, particularly in the football program.

Bucker told the paper, “We just want to know when this process will end.”

Earlier this week Haith commented.  AUDIO (:20)