February 6, 2016

Paycheck Protection bill filed in state House

An issue the House Speaker has said would achieve the same overall goal as Right to Work has been filed for the 2013 session.

Representative Eric Burlison (R-Springfield) Photo courtesy, Missouri House Communications.

Speaker Tim Jones says he doesn’t think Right to Work has enough support to pass without the backing of the governor, but he thinks Paycheck Protection does. That would require unions to seek annual okays from their members before using dues for political purposes.

A paycheck protection bill has been filed by Springfield representative Eric Burlison, who says he plans to file right-to-work as well.

“I think that they are very similar bills in that they both empower the employee, give choices back to the employee, and I think that’s where we need to move as a state in order to keep jobs in the state and bring more jobs to the state.”

Jones has said of the two, he is favoring including paycheck protection on the agenda for the 2013 session because it has passed out of the House before.