February 12, 2016

Missouri Supreme Court Judge to resign

Supreme Court Judge William Ray Price, Jr has decided to return to private practice.

Missouri Supreme Court Judge William Ray Price, Jr. (courtesy, the Missouri Supreme Court)

In a letter to Governor Jay Nixon, Judge Price says he intends to resign effective August 1. Price has served on the Supreme Court for the past 20 years.

He tells the Governor, “Because I wish to have the best judges possible in Missouri, I want my successor to be appointed by the same Missouri non-partisan merit plan that has served our state so well over the past 70 years.”

Price tells the Governor he is proud of the judges he has served with, as well as drug courts and other sentencing practices that have expanded throughout the state.

In a statement, Governor Nixon says:

“For 20 years, Judge Price has served the people of Missouri as a member of the state’s highest court with honor and integrity. He has demonstrated true leadership in addressing the challenges faced by Missouri’s justice system, working to protect public safety, contain costs and ensure the fair application of the law. I wish Judge Price well in the next part of his life and career.”