December 22, 2014

Royals team with MLB to build houses in Joplin (AUDIO)

Major League Baseball and the Players Association is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to build nine houses in Joplin and Tuscaloosa, AL, towns ravaged by deadly tornadoes. The Royals are taking part of the project called the “All-Star Build.” Two of the new houses will be framed outside Kauffman Stadium in the backdrop of the 2012 All-Star Game.

Joplin’s mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean, was at Kauffman during Wednesday’s press conference to plead for help for those families that are still living in temporary housing.

AUDIO¬†Mayor Colbert-Kean’s comments (:30)

Royals outfielder Jeff Francoeur shared the mayor’s sentiment. Francoeur is traveling to Joplin after the season to put on a camp.

AUDIO Jeff Francoeur (:25)